Travel Information

Getting here is part of the adventure.

We offer flexible options to assist with your journey here! Feel free to contact us about making personalized travel arrangements.

Drive Yourself

We will provide directions based on your route/direction to the entrance of our private road and up to the homestead. If desired, we can meet you at the end of the private road, and guide you up the ridge.

You can also select an add-on option to have us meet you at a nearby town or landmark to guide your drive in for the last ~30 minutes of back roads. You are also welcome to take a taxi, Uber, etc. to a location within 20 miles of our homestead and have us pick you up/drop you off.

If you are driving the full way to our homestead, we highly recommend a 4WD or AWD vehicle, and having a downloadable/portable or paper navigation system. You will lose cell phone service for potentially long portions of the drive into our area, and the private road up to our homestead is off road.

Drivers should anticipate winding roads, narrow or single-lane roads, hills, and gravel/dirt road conditions.

Take a Plane, Train, or Bus & Arrange Pickup with Us

Flights and Trains: choose a flight into/out of West Virginia International Yeager Airport in Charleston, WV, or an Amtrak service to Charleston station. We will coordinate with you to pick you up when you arrive, and drive you ~2 hours north to our homestead. We will drive you back to Charleston to catch your return transport at the end of your stay.

Buses: choose a Greyhound service to the bus stop in Parkersburg, WV. We will coordinate with you to pick you up when you arrive, and drive you ~1 hour south to our homestead. We will drive you back to Parkersburg to catch your return bus at the end of your stay.

Weather Considerations & Inclement Weather

Expect the weather to affect your travel here! During extended or torrential rain, some in-roads may become muddy, flooded, or wholly impassable. We can help you find alternate routes in and out if need be, but please note there are no paved roads that lead directly to our property.

We start getting light snow in late November, with our heaviest snowfall coming in January. Snow and ice makes travel difficult or impossible in this area, and we generally do not travel in freezing precipitation unless there is an emergency. We are closed to the public during the snowiest season, but we do accept limited private visits over winter.