The Sunporch

Located on the first floor, just off the hearth room, this space features a full sized day bed and panoramic views of the hills, orchard, and vegetable gardens. Enjoy the greenery of our houseplants, views of sunrises and sunsets, and plenty of birdwatching. 

This room can sleep up to ~5 people:
-1 queen size daybed
-1 full size trundle bed, which pulls out from under the daybed
-1 large couch in the room

-Adjacent to the hearth room with access to fireplace, tv, & streaming media (and the disco ball in the ceiling!)
-Conveniently located around the corner from the guest bathroom
-Door directly into the fenced backyard

-This room has window blinds that can be closed, but is generally a very bright space even when blinds are shut. Light-sensitive sleepers may want to use a sleep mask. Due to the arrangement of furniture, some blinds are more easily lowered than others– please let us know in advance if you anticipate wanting to lower all the blinds in the room, and we can take care of this for you!
-Large amounts of natural light (especially during summer) even indoors may warrant sunscreen for highly sensitive guests.
-This space may not be able to be 100% private for the full duration of your stay if you stay more than 3+ days, as we must pass through to water houseplants once or twice a week. We will always respect closed doors, ask before passing through, and do our best to coordinate around your schedule!

-The adjacent hearth room is considered a common area. While we tend to stay out of that room when there are guests downstairs, other guests may wish to be in the space. There is a door to the hearth room you can close to ensure privacy on the sunporch if desired!