The Loft

Located in a curtained loft above the common area, this guest space features an A-frame ceiling and great eastern view for sunrise gazing. When not hosting guests, this space doubles as our household zendo, and guests are welcome to use the meditation cushions, candles, instruments, and incense in the room as they like during their stay! (Spencer will always conduct zen services in other areas of the house or grounds when guests are staying in the loft.)

This room sleeps ~2:
-1 full size bed
-This room can be arranged to provide floor space for an air mattress to accommodate another 1-2 people, but be aware this will result in tight quarters!

-This loft is a very private space, and will have no other person(s) passing through during your stay.
-Enjoy a private reading nook on a small balcony overlooking the common area

-This guest space is accessed by a total of 2 flights of stairs, and shares the guest bathroom on the 1st floor of the house. 
-This room’s ceiling is lower than average in certain areas, so if you are tall, be prepared to watch your head while coming and going!
-While visually private, this space is not sound-proof. Guests may want to use closing-door common areas or step outside for calls/conversations they do not want others to potentially overhear.