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Hiking & Trails

We offer flexible hiking options for self-guided and guided hikes, with custom maps, and trails suitable for all skill levels.

Our 180+ acre property contains several miles of trails sprawling along ridges, descending into valleys, and meandering through dense forest. We have an abundance of scenic views, wildlife, tree species, flowers, and fungi to observe along the trails. We maintain the most accessible and scenic trails year round, and provide management on lesser trails as we are able to. We also have reciprocal agreements with some local landowners for passthrough rights on 900+ acres adjoining our property, if you wish to venture farther with a guide. 

Self-Guided Hikes 

Free with Day Pass or Overnight Stay
We have explored and mapped most of the trails within our property’s borders, and many of the trails on parcels with reciprocal passage agreements. We will be happy to equip you with field guides, paper trail maps, and/or a digital gps with preprogrammed trails and point markers, if you wish to explore on your own!

Meet your guide

Lask has hiked almost every inch of Emberheart, and is familiar with all of our trails– and navigating places where there is no trail at all! He can help you find the best views, and identify the most common flora and fauna you’re likely to encounter. He’s well-acquainted with all of WV’s venomous snakes and spiders, poisonous plants and fungi, and can help you walk confidently and safely even if you’ve never spent time outdoors. Lask prioritizes trail safety, and will keep watch for hazards like slippery stones, mud, falling branches, and other obstacles, so you can focus on enjoying the scenery.

Guided Hikes

We will be happy to guide your hike along any of our trails! We’re always willing to customize the route for you based on your interests at a flat hourly rate depending on desired terrain and season, or you can choose one of the routes we most recommend:

Rattlesnake Knob Peak – 30-60 minutes
Take in the view from our tallest mountain and the 2nd highest point in the county! One of the shorter and easier routes, this trail can be accessed by walking from the main house or by parking on the nearby hilltop if you want to save some walking time/climbing. The trail up is mildly steep, a mostly steady incline with some flatter areas. There is a U.S. geological marker near the top, and astounding views from the mountaintop proper. This walk is a good choice for beginners or those with limited physical endurance, and offers one of the best views for the shortest amount of climbing/walking of any trail. 

Little Sister’s Ridge – 50-120 minutes
After a moderately steep trek, this trail offers a relatively flat leisurely walk along a scenic ridgeline. This trail is a good choice for those who want to enjoy the feeling of a long walk with only one “serious” hill to walk up, and plenty of opportunities to observe local plants, fungi, and wildlife. The end of the ridge is the farthest point on our property, and overlooks nearby farms and roads. 

Blue Brother’s Ridge – 40 – 120 minutes
If accessed by parking directly at the trailhead, this is the flattest and easiest trail on our property, and is ideal for beginners or those with limited physical endurance. (If walking from the main house, you will climb one moderately steep hill.) This trail provides a leisurely walk with unchallenging terrain and great panoramic views. There is an excellent selection of old hardwood trees along the trail, along with picturesque views of Rattlesnake Knob. 

Skimming the Valley – 90 – 240 minutes
This moderately challenging path will give hikers a taste of mountain climbing without braving the full height/grade of the mountains. This trail will take visitors through areas to observe old natural gas and oil machinery, interesting stones, erosion, and natural features, and meander through dense forest with ample opportunity to observe wildlife. This hike can be tailored to include scenic walks along one of our ridges or to the top of Rattlesnake Knob upon request.

The Heart of the Valley – 150 – 300 minutes
The ridges of our property surround a lush heart-shaped valley where multiple water runoffs converge into branching creeks at the valley’s center. The valley is thick with old forest, teeming with wildlife, and allows plenty of opportunities to observe stones and natural history formations, appreciate different qualities of light and angle of view on the surrounding hills, and offers some of the most remote areas of woodland around. The precise route into and out of the valley can be tailored to account for weather, and to include portions of ridges or mid-valley trails depending on hikers’ interests.