About our homestead & Natural Preserve

We are a working farm, 100% off grid, in Calhoun County, West Virginia, USA

independent living

Our homestead consists of 180+ acres of mountain wildland, a fully off-grid home, working farm, and hiking trails in Calhoun County, WV. Our area provides excellent dark sky conditions, where the hilltops offer stunning views of the night sky and celestial events. We came to the property in 2021, and continue to improve our homestead and increase regular maintenance of wild areas. We currently raise chickens for eggs and meat, cultivate fruit trees, and grow our own seasonal produce. 

we empower people to feel at home in nature

We are self-taught mountaineers, who believe anyone can cultivate a safe and sustainable relationship with nature. We have experience in:

-Foraging edible greens, flowers, and berries
-Navigating and traversing rugged terrain
-Camping and survival in a variety of weather conditions
-Identifying wildlife, tracks, and natural signs
-Planning outdoor events in off-grid settings

And we’ll be happy to share what we know!

Land Acknowledgment

Emberheart is located on the lands of the southern Allegheny Plateau near the Ohio River, the traditional lands of the Mekoche, a people of the Shawnee. We honor the land itself, and acknowledge with deep gratitude the people who stewarded it throughout generations since the beginning of human history.

The Shawnee faced great injustice and hardship brought by infectious diseases, wars, displacement and cultural erosion caused by European colonizers. But the Shawnee people are still very much present in the U.S. today. We encourage visitors to learn about and support the Shawnee tribe.