Wilderness Retreats

Recharge your body and spirit in the mountains of Appalachia.

Customize Your Visit

We offer meal plans, campsite setup, guided or self-guided hikes, spaces for meditation and personal spiritual or creative work,
and a variety of options for equipment rental, streaming media, and in-house photography services.

Seasonal treats

Enjoy the bounty of nature

Depending on the timing of your visit, you may opt to enjoy foraging for
seasonal berries, edible wild greens, tree nuts, and fungi. We offer guided foraging
for beginners, and will be delighted to serve seasonally foraged foods as part of your meal plan.

We know the land

We provide trail maps or guided hikes, and outdoor guides for beginners, based on our firsthand experience of Emberheart’s terrain. We maintain the most accessible trails year-round, and can help you navigate more challenging paths according to your needs. We’ll show you the safest routes to mountaintops, valleys, rock formations, and scenic sites, and can help you enjoy your time here in any season.

Spiritual Retreats

Our outdoor spaces provide scenic natural areas for your group event or individual spiritual practice. Bring your own setup materials, or we can prepare your event space with fixtures, tools, and supplies from our own collections.